Finding storage in New York

It was all a success story. We were finally branching out to the center of the world. Our business would open up in the greatest city there is. The problem is that none of us expected the obstacles we bumped into along the way. Trust me when I say, I never ever in my life want to start a business in NY again. Don’t get me wrong, I like running a business there, but moving there is a big no. Here’s why.

So, we signed the contract for the office and we were going over to the big apple together, me and my partner. The only thing that was left was to find a good storage in New York. You know, somewhere to keep our shit, our products. The storage in New York was going to be our place outside of our actual place, if that makes sense. It turned out it wasn’t that easy. The place we had come to first, and that we were recommended, turned out to be.. problematic? It wasn’t what we expected or, worse, needed. They just couldn’t do what we wanted.

We had to, on short notice, find another storage in New York. And how do you do that? How do you, as a company find a storage in New York with limited time? That’s what we asked ourselves. We took to Google and started to look around for different solutions. It seemed like there were a lot of companies offering storage solutions in New York. That was quite unsurprising of course.

Finally we ended up in a place that was just 1-2 miles from our offices. We talked to them and got a very professional vibe instantly. The person we talked to on the phone, from the storage in New York, said the words “Sure” and “No problem” a lot. That was very comforting. Especially since she said it with a very calm voice, even though we were stressed out of our minds. It was reassuring, in a way. It was not the first time that this had happened to the storage in New York. We went there, and it was surprisingly easy. We talked for a bit with some people and decided to go for it. Less than 2 days later, all of our stuff was in safe hands at the new storage in New York.

Isn’t it amazing how fast things can be solved when you meet the right people? It is truly amazing, if you ask me.